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The Future of Irrigation Systems Management is Here...

Smart Irrigation System Components. SMART IRRIGATIO, LLC

Upgrading an Outdated Sprinkler System

and converting it into a Smart Irrigation System 

Transform Your Outdoor Space with Smart Irrigation



   A complete analysis of the entire irrigation system must be conducted. First, meticulously inspect each head in each zone. Head by head zone by zone. Next flush, purge, and clean each Zone Control Valve including Master Valve making sure flow Backflow Prevention Assembly and Pressure Regulator. Check Main Line for leaks then Inspect all lateral lines for optimum flow. Make professional recommendations. Provide a detailed report (including pictures) of the status of the system and provide recommendations to improve, update, or upgrade the irrigation system for optimal water conservation and uniform watering coverage. Any Sprinkler heads that are damaged or worn out are replaced with Pressure reducing heads and nozzles. Once the system is determined to be hydraulically sound, then we begin to make it Smart.

   First a smart flow-meter and smart master valve is installed. Next, each Zone valve is replaced with Smart Valves. Then the Sprinkler system is re-tested. Each valve is calibrated for optimal flow and control to avoid any run-off. Next, Soil tension sensors are installed in each zone at pre-determined critical areas. In addition, a micro weather station is installed in the most centralized location of the property. Finally and most importantly a Smart wifi-enabled irrigation system controller is installed, calibrated, and programmed to the specific watering needs of each watering zone. Last but not least a Final Complete Irrigation Audit is performed and final calibrations and adjustments are made. 

  The New Smart Irrigation System will perform like it was a brand new Sprinkler System a Smart Irrigation System.

Irrigation Service in Texas is Regulated by TCEQ. Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Smart Irrigation Systems, LLC | San Antonio, TX

" Smart Landscape Management is having accurate soil condition data in real-time in order to make Intelligent Maintenance, Irrigation, & Fertilizer application decisions... "           

Rick Ramirez, 

 Licensed Irrigator #LI27138

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