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Landscape Design

Residential Landscape Design and Build

The national average for a landscape design plan is between $1,900.00 and $10,000.00, with some designers charging significantly more. Just for the Design Plan! Our Smart Design and Builds start as low as $1,800.00, and go up to $20,000.00+, depending upon the project and scope. We cater to your budget. No project is too small or too big!

Are you looking at your current yard and wondering “What if I did this?”, or “What if I put a patio here, or maybe a koi pond over there?” Are you wondering how to put it all together so it makes sense, but exactly how much does a landscape design cost, and why do I need one? After all, spring is right around the corner here in South Texas.

Many outdoor living projects today incorporate multiple elements within the landscape. This can range from patios, koi ponds, fire pits, pergolas, lawns, pools, and outdoor kitchens. A properly designed landscape considers everything in your wish list. A landscape plan is an investment, but one that will lead to your dream outdoor space.

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Your Guide to Designing the Landscape of Your Dreams

How Much Does a Residential Landscape Design Plan Cost?

Creating a Magical Outdoor Space with Smart Landscape Design & Build

San Antonio landscape design

   Do you dream of transforming your outdoor space in San Antonio with expert landscape design? With our landscaping services, you can have your dream backyard with custom irrigation systems and outdoor lighting to create the perfect ambiance.

Get a FREE Expert Design Consultation
Take the first step towards outdoor oasis by scheduling a FREE consultation with our expert team. During this consult, we’ll walk through every detail of your future space and develop a design plan that meets your wants and needs. We’ll also discuss the best materials and plants to use in order to bring your vision to life. Start planning today and contact us for a free landscape design consultation! Our team is well-versed in the best industry standards for San Antonio landscaping and takes pride in their detailed design planning process. By sharing your expectations and wants, we’re able to plan out a space that will make your home shine! From lush potted arrangements to intricately placed stone pathways, we’ll craft designs that visually please and set the tone for your space. Our team has years of experience here in San Antonio landscaping and knows what works best with the city’s climate and topography; so you know when you work with us, you’re working with the real local experts!

Develop a Design Plan & Set Your Budget
Our expert team will work with you to develop a detailed design plan for your outdoor space. We’ll discuss all of the components of your project and what kind of budget works best for you. Together, we’ll create a plan that uses the most energy-efficient and cost-effective materials, plants, and irrigation systems in order to maximize your yard's aesthetic appeal while minimizing costs. We understand that just because a project looks beautiful doesn't mean it has to come with a hefty price tag. We will assess your space and take into account any existing structures or plants you might have. From there, we will recommend the most economical shapes, colors, materials, and plants that compliment your yard's existing architecture or cultivate a new look for your outdoor area. With our help, you can have a professionally designed outdoor space in San Antonio tailored to your specific needs and within your budget.

Set a Project Timeline & Scope
Developing a real timeline and scope for your project is the best way to stay on track and make sure that everything runs according to plan. By taking the time to establish clear timelines and expectations, you’ll be better able to communicate with your design team, contractors, and budget effectively. We’ll help you identify realistic goals and set realistic timelines so that all parties are on the same page from the start. The design process for landscape design in San Antonio can take as little as a few weeks or months, depending on the scope of your project. Make sure to identify key milestones and milestones during every stage of the project before you break ground or begin any kind of work. You should also thoroughly research your contractor and be sure that they are licensed and certified in San Antonio prior to beginning any kind of construction. stablishing a timeline & scope allows you to organize both labor and materials efficiently so that your dream space will come together smoothly and within your budget parameters.

Incorporate Irrigation Systems & Outdoor Lighting into the Plan
Incorporating irrigation systems and outdoor lighting into your landscape design plan from the very beginning is a smart move. Irrigation will keep your plants healthy, while adequate lighting can extend the useful hours of your outdoor space late into the night. Having these two elements included in your San Antonio landscape design ensures that all of your hard work to achieve optimal beauty pays off for years to come. When incorporating outdoor lighting and irrigation into your design plan, make sure you consider the energy costs as well as installation costs. You don’t want to end up with a huge electric bill for running those lights all evening! And irrigation systems come in many sizes and configurations, so you need to be sure that the one you choose will meet your landscape’s water needs. Consulting with an experienced professional can help ensure you end up with a system that meets both your aesthetic and practical goals. With proper planning, a Smart Landscape Design can provide years of enjoyment without unnecessary stress or cost.

Add Final Touches & Discuss Maintenance Plans
The final touches to your outdoor space may include adding mulch, décor elements, and pathways. Thinking through the maintenance plan is just as important—make sure to discuss pruning and trimming plants, replacing plants that are struggling in the environment, and scheduling irrigation system checkups for optimal performance. With a well-constructed maintenance plan in place, you can enjoy your Smart landscape design for generations to come. After the hardscape, plants, and other elements of your landscape design have been implemented, it’s time to add the final touches. This may include adding mulch or fertilizer around the garden area to help keep moisture levels steady and keep away weeds, decorative pieces such as benches or sculptures to bring beauty and character to your outdoor space, and pathways so you can navigate your yard without trampling over plants. Discussing a maintenance plan with your landscaper is also an important step - it's good to know who will be taking care of any pruning needs or future plant replacements. Invest in regular irrigations system checkups to ensure optimal performance and water use efficiency. With careful planning and proper maintenance, you can enjoy your San Antonio landscape for years to come!

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Your Guide to Designing with Irrigation & Lighting Systems Integration


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Smart Landscape Design Features...

Many outdoor living projects today incorporate multiple elements within the landscape. This can range from patios, koi ponds, fire pits, pergolas, lawns, pools, and outdoor kitchens. A properly designed landscape considers everything in your wish list. A landscape plan is an investment, but one that will lead to your dream outdoor space.

The design process can be difficult at times, and we recognize that at Smart Irrigation Systems. That is why we believe that designing from an installation perspective will save you not only time and money, but also frustration. We will be with you every step of the way. We have a Smart 10 Step Process that we have created to help bring your dreams to fruition. Some of these projects take months to complete. Partnering with a  Smart Designer who understands your needs, budget, and your end vision is essential.

Landscape design involves a thorough analysis of the land grade, soil type, and hydrological conditions to create a customized sustainable solution that meets  you and your property's specific needs. With high definition mapping and  Smart Professional Design, Plan which includes accurate pipe and wire run measurements, valve sizes, nozzle heads, water pressures, voltage, wire gauge, and pipe diameters. The design adjusts automatically to changes in weather throughout the year, ensuring minimal water waste. Additionally, software calculations estimate the total operating costs for our eco-friendly designs, eliminating any costly surprises. This efficient use of water, energy, and resources is perfect for small urban yards or expansive high-end estates. Saving time and money by avoiding unnecessary repairs due to poor designs that do not incorporate all elements of maintenance and support. With a professional and accurate Smart Landscape Design Plan with irrigation and lighting system built-in, you can enjoy a beautiful and sustainable landscape day or night.

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