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Don't waste money, time, and water…You should be saving all 3.

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

For homeowners in San Antonio, installing a smart sprinkler system can be an excellent way to save on water usage and maintenance costs. Understanding your smart sprinkler controller and smart water reporting is key for keeping track of exactly how much water you’ve used and saved. Investing in a reliable smart irrigation system will help you keep your lawn looking beautiful and healthy while staying within SAWS water restrictions. Smart Sprinkler Systems adjust watering levels automatically, based on internet-sourced local weather data, thanks to Predictive Watering™ technology. Additionally, optional flow meters can detect any broken pipes or leaks before they become real problems. Smart Irrigation Systems even help detect issues with valve solenoids and wiring, ensuring that the sprinkler system is always running properly. Investing in a smart sprinkler system proves itself a wise investment for homeowners in San Antonio.

While looking for San Antonio Sprinkler System installers ask for a Smart Sprinkler System. They have a high quality Virtual Weather Stations (VWS) which use complex algorithms, satellite data, local weather stations, atmospheric data from planes, and pressure readings from mobile phones to generate an accurate history for your specified area. The VWS provides the most precise rainfall data for each location - making it the ideal choice for sprinkler system installations in San Antonio.

Save money, save time, save water... Contact Smart Irrigation Systems in San Antonio.

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Smart Irrigation Systems in San Antonio
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