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Just 1 Outdated Sprinkler System can Waste OVER 1MILLION Gallons of Water per Year!

Updated: Apr 24

Have you ever seen this in the morning on your way to work?

Rainfall in South Central Texas varies across the region and fluctuate year over year. During dry periods, irrigation is needed to preserve landscape quality. Over or under-watering your landscape can increase disease, waste water and decrease overall landscape condition. An Irrigation system’s efficiency is dependent upon several factors including design, installation, and specific site conditions. Water applied to a landscape can account for a significant portion of a property’s water use. In South Texas, outdoor water use accounts for approximately 40 percent to 50 percent of household water use. A substantial amount of water is lost to evaporation, wind, and runoff, because of improper watering methods. Reducing or eliminating this loss decreases utility bills and creates a more water efficient, healthy landscape.

You can reduce your outdoor water usage by using smart irrigation technologies. Smart irrigation controllers and sensors have been developed to reduce outdoor water use by irrigating based on specific plant needs compared to traditional automatic sprinkler system timers, which water on a user-determined fixed schedule. This technology exists as a smart controller or with a sensor that can be added to an existing compatible sprinkler system controller to create a smart irrigation controller. Smart irrigation technology uses weather data and/or soil moisture data to determine the irrigation need of the landscape. A complete Smart Irrigation System professionally designed and installed, with the latest technology, includes many components that work in unison to provide the most accurate, precise, efficient, water-saving landscape irrigation management possible.

These products maximize irrigation efficiency by reducing water waste using real-time field data, while maintaining plant health and quality. Incorporating smart irrigation technology in your landscape can reduce outdoor water consumption by up-to 50%. This technology is appropriate for small, residential landscapes as well as large high-end estates, with managed landscapes. Each component’s functions have its own advantages. You should be aware that smart irrigation systems will need to be periodically maintained, adjusted, and calibrated for maximum water savings.

There is a broad spectrum of smart irrigation technology that you can benefit from. There is also a vast array of brands and models now available. Choosing the correct technology for your situation is essential to achieve the potential water savings that significantly impact our community and

especially your wallet. Watering restrictions exist in almost all areas of Texas, so a regular sprinkler timer or outdated sprinkler system is just not feasible anymore.

So, if your sprinkler system is more than 10 years old, it’s more than likely outdated. Even if its well-maintained and it has no leaks, its just outdated. Did you know that just one outdated sprinkler system can waste over one million gallons of water per year! Get your sprinkler system checked as soon as possible! Get Your FREE Sprinkler System Audit Today! Turn that outdated sprinkler system into a Smart Irrigation System easily and affordably.

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