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Sprinkler System Pool Re-Route

Don't let the aftermath of pool construction leave you with a faulty sprinkler system.

  • 1 minutes
  • From 499 US dollars

Service Description

If you need to repair your residential sprinkler system because your planning to build a pool or you already built the pool, the first step is to email us a copy of the pool plan. This allows us to get an idea of the scope of the project and plan out any preliminary parameters needed for sprinkler system re-route. We will then schedule a service visit at a time convenient for you. During this visit, we look at your irrigation system configuration and take notes on where the water meter, controller, mainline, valves and heads within the pool perimeter are located. We document all this information on your pool plan and store it in our company database. Depending on certain factors such as local turf or landscape needs, we may cut and cap the mainline to prevent flooding during pool construction period that could sometimes lasts between 45 - 90 days. We also discuss with you about possibly installing large “sleeves” that run underneath the base material and provide durability and flexibility with new pipes and wires installation when this period is over. Additionally, we may talk to you about landscaping & lighting ideas- whether they’re simple or intricate- depending on what works best for you. After everything is said and done with pool construction, we can begin to repurpose existing pipes from our notes taken during the first initial visit and install them into their new and rightful place. The initial service visit typically runs anywhere from 1-2 hours long.

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